New Electronic Health Record system installed at CDP Health Care System

Coteau des Prairies Health Care System (CDP) has officially transitioned their electronic health record (EHR) to Athenahealth, which is a national company offering EHRs to over 80,000 health care providers in clinics and hospitals.

An EHR is a patient’s computer medical record and takes the place of a traditional paper chart. The EHR contains a patient's clinical data and at the same time gives the patient access to a patient portal. By using the portal, a patient is able to schedule or change clinic appointments, pay medical bills, refill prescriptions, as well as connect with their caregivers for answers to quick questions. Another feature of the Athenahealth system is that it will also be able to send automated calls to patients to remind them of their clinic appointments, and to bring along a list of current medications, insurance information and co-pays.

As the caregivers at CDP adjust to this new system, they greatly appreciate the community’s support and are looking forward to offering this new service.