CDP Health Care Launches Compass Care Program & Hires Care Coordinator

Sisseton, SD — CDP Health Care has launched their Compass Care program, which is unlike any other in the tri-state area. It is a judgment-free hub set up to help patients by supporting medical, social and mental health care.

The program will cover a variety of service areas, but the first focus on addiction, helping people through recovery and working together to rebuild the full life that is waiting for them on the other side of addiction.

To help ensure the program’s success, Carlene Toelle, RN, BSN has been hired as the Care Coordinator. “I am excited to be part of such a forward-thinking program,” said Carlene. “People don’t often know where to turn or what resources are available right here in our community. We are here to provide that much needed direction.”

“Carlene was an internal hire and an easy choice,” noted Colette Weatherstone and Michaela Johnson, Program Directors. “She has a heart for healing patients and thrives off of hard work. Her background in interdisciplinary care will be an asset.”

The Care Coordinator will connect individuals to community services, address unmet needs and reduce risk factors that can trigger relapse and offer responsive support throughout the entire recovery journey.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) will be used to treat addiction including alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine and more. MAT is a safer, nonaddictive medication alternative for those struggling with substance dependency and has a 90% success rate for those who maintain sobriety at the 2-year mark.

To learn more about the Compass Care program visit or call 605-419-1021.