For your safety... and the safety of those you love... visitor restrictions remain in place at CDP Health System

Taking care of you... and the health of those you love... has always been our highest priority, long before any of us could ever know what would be in store for us this year. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we have grown more confident, educated, and assured as a staff and are able to provide quality care while incorporating safety measures to ensure the health of our patients and their loved ones.

And while no medicine is better than the love and support of friends and family, at this time, CDP is continuing the recommended, safety protocols that include our restricted visitor policy.

We want to keep visitors and family members safe, especially as the fall weather will likely bring more health challenges—such as a new flu season—where additional people may need medical care. By minimizing contact with as many people as possible, we have a better chance to avoid infection and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses that could put our patients at risk.

While our minds are expertly trained to care for health, our hearts very much relate to the need to be with friends and family—especially when they’re ill. Of course, as a patient-centered health care system, we must do everything we can to prevent the spread of disease and protect our patients, staff and visitors.

Visitor Policy & Visitor Restrictions

No visitors are allowed except for:

Inpatients: Visitors will only be allowed based on palliative-care needs. Family members should call the hospital/unit before coming.

Emergency department: One visitor for pediatric, vulnerable adult, trauma or other patient requiring communication to a health care provider on their behalf.

Pediatric patients: One adult visitor allowed per patient.

Labor and delivery patients: One adult visitor allowed per patient (one designated/same visitor for the entire patient stay).

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.