The Power of Primary Care

As life gets busier, it may be tempting to skip routine screenings and health care appointments. Because regular wellness visits are critical to your overall health, putting off these important appointments can impact your physical and emotional health, or cost you valuable time to detect problems early—when they are easier to treat and manage.

Whether you’re due for a preventative cancer screening, annual wellness exam or you’re living with a chronic health condition that needs management, regular visits with your family practice provider help you stay on top of your overall health and wellness.

How often should you have wellness visits? Every. Single. Year.

During an annual wellness visit, your family practice provider can detect changes in your health from the last exam to identify any concerns. These important appointments are also your opportunity to discuss concerns you have like weight control, sleep habits or questions you may have about your emotional or behavioral health. By keeping this yearly visit, you and your family practice provider develop a familiarity and relationship that makes it easier to work together toward your health goals so you can live a healthier and happier life.

How do you know which health screenings you need?

By keeping your regular wellness appointment, your family practice provider makes sure you stay on schedule with the screenings necessary for your age and life stage. For example, routine blood pressure and skin cancer checks are done every year, but some screenings are added after certain milestone birthdays, like mammogram, colonoscopy, prostate cancer screening and others.

As you age, screenings you need change. See a more detailed list, visit:

Take control of chronic conditions.

For those with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension, maintaining a relationship with your family practice provider is essential to manage these diseases proactively. These issues don’t go away, and they don’t take care of themselves. It’s up to you, working with your provider, to take charge, and keep their impact and risk to a minimum.

Wellness visits are usually included in insurance plans—don’t miss out!

Most insurance plans cover an annual physical with no charge. Others offer wellness incentives for screenings and other appointments that can put money back in your pocket. Just as important, the cost of preventing a disease is far, far less than the cost of treating one. Manage your health, avoid costly procedures and hospitalizations, and use regular visits to protect something that’s truly priceless—your health.

Schedule—and keep—your regular health care visits with your CDP family practice provider. Your health is worth it.